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Operating Lease

Usually an outright purchase would require an extensive amount of funds and customer who has budget constraint in purchasing their own trucks or buses, can always opt to lease. TCIE provides a special financing facility to fleet customers in such situations.

The advantages of leasing vehicles from TCIE are as follows:
Low capital outlay
With just one advance payment and minimum upfront pre-payment, it helps to ease a customer's cash flow problems

Turns old assets into cash
A cash payment is given when buying back an existing fleet of vehicles. With extra funds in hand, more business opportunities arise.

Fixed expenses
Throughout the rental agreement period, customer would have better budget plan and cash flow without needing to worry that the monthly expenses will increase.

No maintenance bills
The complete maintenance of vehicles will be taken care of, including road tax and motor vehicle insurance. Thus, customer need not be concerned about sudden and unexpected major repair bills.

No rental payment while vehicle is under accident repair
An exemption on monthly payment will be granted while a vehicle is undergoing major repairs after an accident.

24-hours Res-Q service
24-hours reliable Res-Q Service Nationwide provide emergency response with the assurance of almost zero downtime.

New vehicle fleet
Every three years, the vehicle will be replaced with a new one for better delivery efficiency.

Peace of mind
A team of highly trained technical staff will take care of your vehicle, leaving with peace of mind so you can put more focus into your business.



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