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Workshop Services

We had established nationwide of Service Centre and dealers to ensure your vehicles are in road worthy condition. We provide engineering and technical assistance to customers , pre-delivery inspection and on-the –field services. Each of our Service Centre and dealer are equipped with Special Service Tools and our mechanics are highly trained and experiences. Technical skill are constantly upgrade by In-house trainers and our mechanic are regular  attending overseas training and seminar conducted by principal.  We are offering an attractive service contract packages for fleet owners, which includes customised packages to the exact requirements of the operator.

Type Of Services & Repair Maintenance

Periodical Maintenance
Periodical Maintenance is the services (accordingly to pre-determined schedule) carried out regularly to maintain your vehicles in excellent operational condition. The periodical maintenance such as replacement of Lubricant (Engine Oil, Gear or Transmission Oil, etc) and replacement on filtering Parts (Air Filter, Oil Filter and Fuel Filter) and performs other checking points on your vehicles.

Light Repair Job
As the vehicle running on the road, the replacement of wear and tear parts is required
such as replacement of Brake System (Brake Lining), Clutch System (Cover & Plate and Suspension System (Absorber & Leaf Spring) and others.    

Overhauling Repair Jobs.
Our technicians are well trained and experience to perform overhauling repair jobs such as engine overhauling, transmission overhauling and servicing for fuel system as the vehicle reach the maximum mileage and require to perform overhauling jobs.
The replacement of cushioning parts such as gasket, seal, lining, gearing parts for transmission due to wear and tear will take place

24 Hours Breakdown Service

The 24 hours Standby Breakdown Service provides assistance 365 days a year. We provide emergency breakdown assistance along the nation’s highways from north to south, a comforting thought for UD Trucks and Bus owners. An assurance that their vehicles are kept on the move at all times.

TCIE operates a fleet of well equipped Mobile Service Van for on site maintenance and repair services for the convenience of UD Trucks owners. This has reduce their operational down time tremendously.




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